Monday, 5 March 2012

Artificial Sweeteners and Health

Gain Weight by “going diet”?
What is really the effect of sugar-free sodas? Do you still prefer the sugar-free soda because you think it is the healthier choice? When you look at the calorie content you would think it is. But did you know the contents of Aspartame are found to trigger insulin and leptins, hormones that actually stimulate the storage of body fat. According to an article in Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, several large scale prospective cohort studies found there is a link between artificial sweetener use and weight gain. The San Antonio Heart Study examined 3,682 adults over a seven- to eight-year period and when matched for initial body mass index (BMI), gender, ethnicity, and diet, drinkers of artificially sweetened beverages consistently had higher BMIs. Make informed choices when it concerns your health!

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